School Technology Policy

Digital citizenship, responsibility and leadership is an important part of what we help students learn at school.  Students need to cultivate a positive digital footprint.  As the technology has expanded at an astounding rate, so have the implications related to safety, privacy, and intrusion.  Staff will continue to support the effective and appropriate use of technology in the classroom.

The policy outlined below is meant to provide clarity and consistency.

Consequences for Inappropriate and/or Prohibited Use

First Infraction:

  • Lose electronic device for the day.  Teacher will notify parent/guardian and will keep the device until the end of the day.

Second Infraction:

  • Lose electronic device for the day.  Teacher will send an envelope containing the device to the office and it will be stored in a secure location for the duration of the school day.

Third Infraction:

  • Student will go to the office to talk to an administrator and a parent/guardian will need to pick up the electronic device.  Students will not be allowed personal electronics at the school for a period of time.

If it is a serious offense, student may not be permitted to use a school Chromebook, laptop and/or internet as well.

Home and Off-School Use

  1. School administration will determine whether home or other off-school use of the internet and other electronic devices is a school manner, depending on its impact on school climate.
  2. School administration may consider factors such as: evidence that the person(s) who have been threatened or intimidated are impaired in their ability to learn at school; whether the off-school conduct has negatively impacted the moral tone of the school, and whether it affects school safety.
  3. If a student uses the internet and other technologies to threaten, harass, or demean another member(s) of the school community AND these actions interfere with the member's safety and ability to function while at school, the student will be subject to the HPEDSB policies and procedures, including possible suspension/expulsion.

The school is not responsible for students' personal electronic devices in the event of loss, damage or theft.